Precast Factory

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Precast Concrete Factories

Rhourde Nouss (GEPCO) and Hassi R’Mel (rented)

Complete factories at Rhourde Nouss and Hassi R’Mel for the production of precast concrete components. The production of these precast concrete elements is made to the construction of EPC Permanent Camps (e.g. Mosque, Accommodation, Restaurant, Swimming Pool, Medical Center, etc.), construction of Industrial Buildings (e.g. Substation, Control Building, etc.) and elements for Civil Works (e.g. manhole, trench, sleeper, pipe support, etc.).
The Factories include an external area for the storage of the precast concrete elements. This area is equipped with concrete batching plant, sandbox, tower cranes, double girder overhead traveling crane, gantry crane and various stores for supplies.
Furthermore the factories have a permanent camp composed by residential areas, restaurants and mosques, technical offices for the coordination and planning of the work, a laboratory and other facilities.


FACTORIES Rhourde Nouss Hassi R’Mel
Covered area surface 4.500 m² 6.500 m²
Opened area surface 140.000 m² 80.000 m²
Started up 1991 1993
Precast light concrete elements 75 m³/day 80 m³/day
Reinforced and pre-stressed concrete elements 33 m³/day 42 m³/day
People at work n° 100 (peak) n° 110 (peak)