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The Company BENTINI CONSTRUCTION S.p.A. has, in the development of its activities, the primary scope of the protection of the health and the safety of the workers, the respect of the environment, the application of the enforced legislation and of what is required by the Main Contractors.

The company Policy is focused constantly on:
  • the prevention of the incidents, the accidents and the professional diseases; not only for the own ones employees, but for all the workers present on the job place.
  • to assure the involvement and the participation of all employees to the increasing improvement of its own safety and prevention standards, through the diffusion of the relevant information and the circulation of communications at all levels.
  • to obtain from the employees the greatest awareness of the reciprocal interest in the Health and Safety Management System fulfilment.
  • the protection of the environment and the minimization of the environment impact derived from the development of the own activities.

The Management believes that the safety on the job place and the environment respect must be considered like as intrinsic value in every working process and not like a classifiable priority with an important order.

BENTINI CONSTRUCTION S.p.A. primary objective is the creation of an environment of work “without incidents” in all the sites, every day and without exceptions.

The Company is engaged to reach the scope of which over striving in the identification of the risks connected with the activities and their elimination, for means of a constant control from part of the persons in charge and responsible; through the participation of the staff to periodic programs formed on the safety and health.

Engaging itself in a constant effort in the continuous improvement, pursued through a Health and Safety Management System on job places implementation.

The Direction, the Safety responsible, the Manager and staff in charge, control, with periodic inspections and opportune monitoring, that what preventively organized and planned to ensure the safety effectively comes into effect. All these activities are described in proper procedures.

The ethical sense of BENTINI CONSTRUCTION S.p.A. Management thinks moreover that the environment protection and the safety and health coverage are not limited at the single company business, but must be extended to the places and to the present Communities where they the works are carried out, for this in fact, they habitually are taken into account for the activities to be carried out in well-being conditions for the inhabitants and are respected the local uses and customs.

Great importance in the application of Safety Policy in the Company is in the motivation, responsibility sense and knowledge of each one own duty, that every worker is asked to have, as everyone is indispensable and motivated member for the objective to achieve.

Each worker will give the best of himself, if he fully shares the values of the Group for which he works and feels himself protected.

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